Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Manu and Progeny

Being inquisitive of the activities of Manu and His progeny, Vidura continued his queries to Sage Maitreya. Swayambhuva Manu had two sons, Priyavrata and Uttanapada, both of them governing territories of their own on the lines prescribed by Manu. The latter’s daughter Devahuti was wedded to Sage Kardama, a perfectionist of eight-fold Yoga System. In fact, their union was so ideal that there could not be a better choice from either side.Besides being the daughter of Emperor Manu, Devahuti was an unparalelled beauty and Kardama was not only a Great Sage of Virtue but had  actually experienced Lord Brahma’s audience. The Wedding was performed by Manu with such great pomp and show that there were few parallels what with lavish festivities and celestial dances and music.

The City of Barhispati in Brahmavartha was a shining example of material wealth and spiritual excellence and the Hairs from the Body of Lord Varaha who killed Hiranyaksha fell down and originated the crops of ‘Kusa’ grass used all over the Universe for seating Sages on mats and to utilise the material for all sacrificial purposes. The bride is a paragon of rare grace and virtue and Sage of Kardama improvised by his Yogic powers, a massive  Flying Palace, with Golden walls and floors studded with of precious stones and jewellery enabling to visit places any where in the Universe, as a gift to his wife! As blessed by Lord Brahma Himself, Kardama provided great conjugal happiness to Devahuti and blessed them with nine daughters with illustrious husbands : Kala to Marichi; Anasuya to Atri; Shraddha to Angira; Havirbhu to Pulastya; Gati to Pulaha; Kriya to Kratu; Khati to Bhrigu, and Arundhati to Vasishtha and Shanti to Atharva. As ordered by Lord Brahma again, the Couple of Devahuti and Kardama gave birth to Sage Kapila who would innovate and perfect the Sankhaya Yoga and many other Scriptures. In course of time, Sage Kardama left for the forests to pursue the Eternal Truth and Devahuti was in the care of her son, Kapila. Kapila guided his mother about the the nuances of the Yoga system and the content, methodology and intensive  practice of devotional services which alone would enable move forward to self-realisation.

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