Essence of Brahmanda Purana


Essence Of
Brahmanda Purana


28    Lalita Sahasra Naama Phala Shruti

Iteyna Naama Sahasramcha kathitam tey Ghatodbhavah,

Rahasyaanaam rahasyamcha Lalitaa preeti daayakam/

Anena sadrusham Stotram na Bhutam na Bhavishyati,

Sarva roga prashanam Sarva sampadprabandhakam/

Sarvaapamrityu shamanakaala Mrityu nivaarinam,

Sarvajjwaraarti shamanam Deerghayushya pradaayakam/

Putrapradamaputraanaam Purushaarthapradaayakam,

Idam Viseshaacchridevyaah Stotram Preetividhaayakam/

Japennityam Prayatnena Lalitopaasti tatparah,

Praatah Snaatwaa Vidhaanena Sandhyaa  Karma samaapyacha/

Puja griham tato gatwaa Chakra Raajam samarchyayet,

Japey sahasram vaa Trishatam shatameyvacha/

(Agastya Muni! Recitation of this highly Sacred and Secret Lalita Sahasra-naama Stotra is unparalleled either in the Past or in Future. This Stotra prevents diseases,  untimely and nagging deaths, extends life, bestows progeny and fulfills the Purushardhaas of Dharma-Artha-Kaama-Moksha.Hayagrivadeva strongly advised that one should make a sincere effort to recite the Stotra after purifying the body and mind, enter the Puja Griha,  perform the Sandhyaa Vandana and Gayatri Japa, worship the Shri Chakra formally and then recite the Devi Lalita Sahasra Naamaavali. The Punya that is accrued by bathing in Sacred Rivers like Ganga innumerable times or the Fruit secured by performing Prathishta of countless Shiva Lingas in Varanasi or the Phala secured by giving away Daanaas during Surya Grahana or Solar Eclipse at Kurukshetra would indeed exceed the Recitation of the Sahasra Naama. Digging wells and water bodies in deserts, performing Ashwamedha Yagnas on the banks of Ganga, organising ‘Anna Daanaas’to several Brahmanas, would all far exceed the Punya gained by the Recitation. Reciting even one Stanza of the Stotra would suffice to demolish serious sins, especially neglecting daily duties and continuously and conciously resorting to confirmed deeds of vice. It is like going to Himalayas to get rid of biting cold would be as infructuous as demolishig sins by means other than of reciting the Sahasra Naama! The Phala Shruti futher stated that the Recitation of the Stotras would be specially fruiful on Sacred days of Sankraanti, Vishu, birthdays of Self and near-dears, Navamis, Chaturdashis, Purnimas and on all Fridays. On Purnami evenings one could vision Devi Lalita in the Chandra Bimba and recitation at that time would provide far-reaching fruits of worship of which Devi Sahasranama is a significant input.

Sarva vyaadhi nivruttvartham Sprushtwaa Bhasma Japedidam

Tadbhasma dhaaranaadeva nashyanti Vyaadhayah Kshanaat!  

(To overcome all kinds of ailments, one should apply bhasma or ash on the body of the patient concerned by reciting the Stotra and indeed the latter would recover as soon as the Recitation is over. Persons affected by ‘Graha Peedaas’ or obstacles posed by Nava Grahas are bathed in the waters collected by vessels would soon be freed from the Planetary Aberrations. Even poison in the body would melt away by consuming water infused with the Mantras. A ‘kanya’ of one’s desire for a man, or a childless woman intensely craving for a  child, a bhakta desirous of overcoming ‘dushta prayogaas’ of Low Class and Abhicharika Shaktis, a devoted person who is a victim of theives and robbers or any such devotees of need, or redressal or justice are all well advised to most earnestly worship Lalita Devi who would fulfil all human aspirations with certainty.    

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