Essence of Brahmanda Purana


Essence Of
Brahmanda Purana


20    LALITHOPAAKHYAANA-Why Maha Purusha could not overcome Paraa Shakti (Prakriti) ?

Chaturbhujey Chandrakalaavatamsey Kuchonnatey Kumkuma raaga shoney,                     Pundrekshu Paashaankusha Pushpabaana hastey Namastey Jagadeka Maatah/

(Devi Lalithaamba! Jagadaika Maata!You are four armed, high-chested, ornamented with red coloured sugar-cane, ‘Paasha’, Ankusha and flowery-arrows, my sincere salutations to you!)

Agastya Maharshi had been on a Tirtha Yatra in Bharata and reached Kanchi Nagara and worshipped Devi Kamakshi and felt concerned about the low standards of morality among  human beings. As he was immersed in the worship, Vishnu appeared in the form of Hayagriva with Shankha- Chakra-Japa maala and a Sacred Book. When the Maharshi expressed his concern as above, Hayagriva said that Shiva too raised the same doubt as the Maharshi did and his reply was that he of Vishnu Amsha was indeed the Pradhana Purusha responsible for Srishti-Sthiti- Samhara far beyond the Tri-Gunas of Satwa-Raajasa-Taamasa nature; but there was another Paraa Shakti who was at play in moulding the psyche or consciousness of every being either in the frame work of Virtue or Vice and those who could worship that Paraa Shakti would decide the fate of the worshipper. Asked about the characteristics of that Para Shakti, Hayagriva explained: Maha Devi had no beginning nor end and all possible Swarupas were her own. But one could only realise her by Dhyana or meditation since her Swarupa was Dhyana itself. Brahma was the foremost to have realised through Dhyana; She was called Prakriti. She was visualised at the time of Samudra Mathana or Churning of the Ocean of Milk by Devas and Daityas as Devi Mohini. Again she appeared in the Form of Parvati whom Mahadeva wedded and gave birth to ‘Saasta’or Skanda. Agastya Muni wondered as to why the Sarvajna Mahadeva who brought Manmatha into a heap of ash was enamoured of Parvati! Indeed why Maha Prurusha was unable to overcome Prakriti!

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