Essence of Brahmanda Purana


Essence Of
Brahmanda Purana


18    PARASHURAMA CHARITRA -The battle of Bhargava Rama and Kaartaveeryarjuna

On reaching Mahishmati pura the Capital of Kartaveeryarjuna, Parashu Rama sent Maharshi                        Atreya to the King recalling the latter’s atrocities in bringing chaos in the peaceful Ashram,                    shamelessly demanding Kamadhenu,  forcibly trying to  seize it and the worst of all killing the       Maharshi. The overconfident  King replied that he was the Star of HaihayaVamsha, that his                     thousand hands were endowed with such enormous might that none could dare to look straight                   in his eyes and that he had the blessings of Dattatreya and so on. He sent away the emissary to                     Rama to come prepared for the battle. He jumped into action at once, grouped his enormous                       army with gusto and led it against Parashu Rama, imagining that the Muni Kumara with little                    backing except his revenge to be pitted against the sea-like and fully trained army with courage, commitment and collossal Mantra Siddhi. There were twelve Akshouhinis of warriors trying to                  face a single Bhragava Rama! Even while the King and the army were advancing, there were               unwelcome omens like the scenes of some with mutilated body parts, some with dishevelled                     hair hysterically crying loud, some carrying baskets full of bones with oozing blood, some with                    loud and continuous sneezes, some carrying bags full oil and salt and also the continuous wails                         of  dogs and jackals but the mighty and haughty King ignored them. As soon as the first                                     contingent of army arrived with racing chariots, horses, elephants and experts in archery under                  the command of Matsya Raja, the first offensive came from the latter in the form of ‘Parvata                             astra’and Bhargava used Vayavyaastra and the former bounced back killing thousands of the                          Raja’s own men in a death trap. By resorting to the offensive, Bharga invoked Narayanaastra                             as the first contingment of the army with elephants, horses and chariots was wiped out while                               the Matsya Raja was singled out with four arrows to systematilcally destroy the Dhwaja (Flag),                          the Charioteer, the horses and  the Matsya King who was  hurt in the stomach and got killed by                       omitting blood. King Kartaveeryaarjuna then called upon Brihadbala, Somdutta, Vidarbha                            Raja, Mithilesweara, Nishadaaati, Magada Chief and others; as they all called up the same                     destinations of death. Then the tactics of war were changed and instead of the various Allies                               of  Kartaveeryarjuna one by one, the Allied Kings surrounded Bharagava some from the rear, some                    sideways and some others in the front! It was a combined / group attack; the enraged Rama like                   ‘Pralayakalaagni’ slaughtered the Kings and their supporters in ‘Dasa Dishas’ and fought with                            them all for three days and nights with his axe and slaughtered the stronghold of the Kings that                         appeared invincible for a while  but they caved in finally. King Suchandra who was an                           outstanding expert in ‘Mayavi Yuddha’ and an exceptional practitioner of Mantraas entered the                       battle . Bhargava released ‘Narayanaastra’ and to his great astonishment and disbelief the Astra                        proved ineffective. Rama  threw up Shiva Shula and that had adorned Suchandra as flower                   garland. Then Rama invoked Bhadra Kali as he knew that She was the most reputed devotee  of                    King Chandra and as she appeared with Trinetras and Trishula: He said: Namostutey Shankara vallabhaayai Jagatsavitryai Samangalaakrutaayai Naanaa Vibhushanaabhiribhaarigayai Prapannarakshavihitodyamaayai, Daksha prasutai Himavadbhavaayai Maheshaardhaanga samaasthitaayai/--(Shankara Patni!, my salutations to you; you are the Creator of Samsara; You                             have the reputation of  saving those in difficultees; You are the daughter of Daksha, the                           Arthaangi of Maheswara as also the daughter of Himavanta!). As Bhadra Kali was commended,                     she gave her appearance and asked Bhargava to despatch Suchandra to her as she was her                         ditinguished devotee ; she suggested that Bhargava should use Agneyaashtra to send him to her                      and that he (Suchitra) would become her servant. Then Bhargava Rama did ‘Praanayama’ and                   taking the name of Bhadra Kali, shot his arrow with Agneyastra and Suchandra reached                          Kailasha.Then came Pushkaraaksha who was by no means an insignificant warrior; even as he                     entered he attacked Rama by raining arrows all around and an angry Rama transmitted  Vaaruna-                  Astra but it was sharply retaliated by Vayavyastra. Rama directed Brahmastra but that too was               surprisingly  retaliated too. A furious Rama took up his axe and ran up to Pushkaraasha who                saved himself by sending ‘Panchavishikaastra’ a Five pronged fiery arrow with venomous and                   hissing cobras and these arrows hit Bhargava on his head, shoulders, and tuft; for a second Rama                     was taken aback  and following his reflexes flew literally upto the opponent and axed his head                     even as all the Devas watching the battle proceedings bit by bit clapped from the skies at the                    unbelievable and spontaneous alacrity displayed by Rama.                                                                                   

Finally, Kartaveeryarjuna himself arrived by his four hunded feet long golden and bejewelled chariot drawn by hundred chosen horses, with surprisingly huge stock of arms and armaments; he has thousand hands of unique Shakti . It was stated that when Ravana desired to display his prowess to Kartaveeryarjuna, the latter was busy taking morning baths in many Tirthas and dragged Ravana by clutching his ten heads with one of his thousand  hands till the Pradakshinas of Tirtha Yatras were over in Sapta Samudras! The chariot accommodated  his hundred- strong warrior sons too, each one of them being a warrior in his own right. The classic battle of the heroes was like that of the clash of two Planets! Both were unique in their own right; both were gifted with unparalleled expertise in Astra-Shastra Vidyas and both were blessed by incarnations of the same Bhagavan; one by Dattatreya and another by Maha Deva and Krishna!  As soon as Kaartaveerya commenced the fight releasing Brahmastra, Rama had no choice of releasing another Brahmastra too. Keeping in view the universal havoc that created by the Brahmastras, Bhargava Rama-the Incarnation of Vishnu himself- was aware of the impact and absorbed it by his eyes thus secretly exercising his latent capabilty even as pretending himself as a mere human being! Indeed his main objective was Loka Kalyana! Having eased the Universe of the  devastation thus averted, Bhargava picked up two arrows and directed them at both the ears of Kartaveerya whose face got defaced due to the loss of both the ears!

The King immediately remembered Bhagavan Dattaatreya who in the past, on such extreme situations, appeared before him at once and provided a shield with the help of which he was defying even Loka Paalakas! But now, there was no trace of Bhagavan Dattatreya as the reason was clear: he was no longer a specimen of Virtue and devotion and he ceased to uphold Justice when he became arrogant, selfish, avaricious and cruel to the extent of stealing the Celsetial Cow and killing Maharshi Jamadagni without scruples! On the other hand Bhargava Rama had shone by comparison; having taken the vow to avenge his father’s death and mother’s untold grief, he equipped himself with Tapasya, Japa-Homa-Tirtha Yatras as directed by Maha Deva and Krishna Paramatma, both being the same as well as himself since he assumed a Human Form! As there was no response from Datta Deva, Kartaveerya was thus left to his own fate but since his arrogance was still on display, he put up the show and never gave up. He continued releasing Astraas; he released Agneyastra which was sudued by Rama’s Varunastra; he released Gandharvastra which was controlled by Rama’s Vayavyastra; the King released Nagastra and Garudastra resisted it. Finally, Kartaveerya threw the ‘’Shula’that Datta Deva gifted to him for an acute emergency and Bhargava Rama became a victim of it and  fell down  unconscious; as Devas and other Celestial Beings who were closely witnessing the proceedings of this historic battle of Dharma versus Adharma got panicky and Shankara himself administerd ‘Sanjivini’ to Bhargava Rama.

The latter purified himself with Sacred water and recited Krishna Kavacha and released Pashupata while Dutta Bhakta released Sudarshana. As an ample proof  of Dharma Vs Adharma Sudarshana got absorbed in Pashupaastra and the greatest hero turned a despicable villian finally got burnt as ash, once again vindicating Truth and Justice in the Srishti of that Omni Potent and All- Pervading Supreme!

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