2    Krishna creates Tri Murtis and Devis & grants equal status to Shiva
Narrating the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Suta Maharshi divided it five broad Chapters viz. Brahma Khanda, Prakriti Khanda, Ganapati Khanda, Shi Krishna Janma Khanda and Uttara Khanda. In the Brahma Khanda, the Genesis of the Universe was traced when there was only a Massive Fund of ‘Jyotishpunja’or of Immense Illumination comparable to crores of Surya Devas out of which Maha Yogis and Maharshis were stated to have visioned Goloka Dham, beneath which were situated Three Lokas. In Goloka, stated to be of three crore Yojanas of width and length, there were no ‘Adhi- Vyadhis’ (Stresses of Physical, Mental, Intellectual, and cosmic imbalances), ‘Jara-Mritus’ (old age and death) and ‘Shoka-Bhayaas’ (Agonies and Fears) among the Goloka Residents where Shri Krishna was the Over Lord. During Pralaya time, only Bhagavan Shri Krishna was the unique resident, but as Srishti (Creation) resumed after Pralaya, it was full of Gopas and Gopikas. Some fifty crore yojanas underneath Golaka, was Vaikuntha to the right side and Shivaloka to the left.Vaikuntha loka was of the spread of a crore yojanas in which Bhagavan Narayana and Lakshmi resided and Shivaloka of an equal spread where Bhagavan Shankara stayed. Goloka was full of magnificent radiance and joy while Shri Krishna dressed in silks, adorned with Koustubha, Murali (flute) in his hands, a golden ‘Kirita’ (headgear) on his head; body fragrance of sandalwood powder and kumkum and a ‘Vanamala’ round his neck sat with poise, as an Embodiment of Sachhidananda (Truthful, hearty and blissful) Nirvikara (Unaffected and changeless), Shanta (Ever Peaceful), Mangala (Propitious) Avinaashi (Indestructible) Satpurusha (The Noblest) Sampurnachitta (Totally Conscientious) and Samasta Vidita( The Omni-scient).
As Bhagavan Krishna found that after ‘Pralaya’, the entire Universe was empty, dark, devoid of Sky, Air, Water, Earth and Fire and as he had none to assist, he created from his right side three ‘Gunas’viz.Satvika, Rajasika and Tamasika and through these created ‘Maha Tatwa’, ‘Ahamkara’, ‘Pancha Tanmatras’ of ‘Rupa’(Form), ‘Rasa’(Taste), ‘Gandha’(smell), ‘Sparsha’(Touch) and ‘Shabda’(sound) and ‘Pancha Vishayas’/ Indriyas. Then Bhagavan Krishna materialised ‘Narayana’ whose body colour was ‘Shyama’ (black), ever-young, ‘Peetambaradhari’ (red silk robed) and ‘Vanamaali’just like himself. Vishnu has four arms carrying Shankha (Conch-shell), Chakra (Wheel), Gada (Mace) and Padma (Lotus). Like himself, Bhagavan Krishna created Narayana with an alluring smile, a countenance like ‘Sharatkaala Purnima Chandra’ (the full moon night of Autumn season bringing out special joy), Koustubha Mani, ‘Shri Vatsa’/ birth spot on his ‘Vakshasthala’ (chest) where Devi Lakshmi resided as a near-replica of Bhagavan Krishna himself. As Krishna created Narayana, the latter eulogised Krishna as follows:
Varam Varenyam Varadam Varaaham Varakaaranam,
Kaaranam Kaaranaanaam cha Karma tatkarma -kaaranam/
Tapastastphaladam shashwat tapaswinaam cha taapasam,
Vandey Nava Ghana Shyaamam Swaatmaaraamam manoharam/
Naiskaamam kaama rupamcha kaamaghnam kaamakaaranam,
Sarava Sarveswaram Sarva bijarupamanutthamam/
Vedarupam Vedabeejam Vedoktaphaladam phalam,
Vedagjnam tadvidhaanam cha Sarva Veda varaam varam/
(My salutations to you Shri Krishna! You are the Supreme; the adored by the adorers, the bestower of boons, the cause of the confirment of boons, the cause of the causes; the result of the deeds and the deed of the results; the form of meditation; the fruit of meditation; the donor of the fruit; the Exemplary Tapaswi; the one with the body colour of fresh cloud uniqueness; the most charming and the soulful of distinction! My obeisances to you Shri Krishna, as you are the Kamarupa (The Form of Desire), the Nishkama (The One without Desires), the Kamaghna (the demolisher of desires); the ‘Kamakarana’ or root cause of Kama or desire; Sarva Rupa, Sarva beeja swarupa or the Seed of all manifestations; the Sarvottama or the Noblest; the Sarveswara; the Profile of Vedas; the Provider of Fruits of Vedas; the Creator, the Embodiment as also the Greatest Exponent of Vedas!) Having commended as above, Narayana was manifested as the greatest Preserver of the Universe once the process of Creation would progress and got ready to assume his extraordinary powers and also the responsibilities. Any person who reads or hears the above few lines would obtain their wishes like good progeny or an ideal life-partner fulfilled; a person who is facing problems like unemployment, dethronement, poverty or insufficient resources, long standing illnesses or even imprisonment would quickly recover and overcome all difficulties and secure positive benefits.
From Paramatma Shri Krishna’s left side of his physique emerged Bhagavan Shiva whose body-glow was crystal-clear with ‘Pancha Mukhas’ (Five heads), whose his four directions were like his Vastras (clothes)-in other words ‘Digvastra, head adorned with golden and knotted thick hairs, three eyes on each of his heads, ornamented with half-moon like headgear and carrying Trishula, Spear and ‘Japamala’(rosary of beads). He is the Yogeswara of Yogis, ‘Mrityu’ of ‘Mrityus’ (Terminator of Terminators), ‘Mrityumjaya’ or the Conqueror of Mrityu, Maha Gyani, Gyana Swarupa, and Bestower of Gyana. Bhagavan Shiva went into raptures as he made the following commendation to Shri Krishna:
Jayaswarupam Jayadam Jayesham Jayakaaranam,
Pravaram Jayadaanaam cha Vamdey tama paraajitam/
Vishwam Vishveyshvaresham cha Vishwastam Vishwakaarana kaaranam/
Viswharakshaa kaaranam cha Vishvaghnam Vishwajam param,
Phalabeejam phalaadhaaram phalamcha tatphalapradam/
Tejah swarupam teyjodam Sarvatejasvinaam varam/
( I greet Bhagavan Shri Krishna who is Victory personified, the Provider of Victory, Capable of granting Victory, the reason for bestowing Victory, and the best among those who gift Victory away and as the invincible par excellence. I hail Paramatma Krishna who represents the Totality of Universal Manifestation; he is the Maheswara of Ishwars of the Universe; the inspiration behind the existence of the Universe; the fulcrum of the Universe; the great conviction to generate the Universe; and the cause of the causes to create the Universe. I pray to Krishna who crafts the Srishti, preserves and upholds it and demolishes it finally. I salute Shri Krishna who is kick-start of Srishti as a seedling, the strong hold of it as a growing plant and eventually as a tree; the outcome fruits of the Tree and the final terminator of the Tree. Indeed I acknowledge the Supremacy of Shri Krishna who is a symbol of Illumination, his unparalelled Form, and inimitability). Those persons who read or hear the ‘Stotra’given above shall achieve all kinds of ‘Siddhis’(Powers) and witness Victory at every step in life. They secure good friends; properties, prosperity and immense intelligence as also sizeably diminish enemies, griefs and sins.
Thereafter, the Greatest Tapasvi Brahma Deva emerged from the Lotus sprouted from the navel of Shri Krishna along with four heads, a ‘Kamandalu’ (water carrying vessel) with his Vastras /clothes, teeth and hair all in lustrous white. Lord Brahma is the Ishwara of Yogis, the Chief of Sculptors and Architects, and the Apex Creator of the ‘Charaachara Jagat’ or the Moving and Immobile Beings; the Embodiment of Chatur Vedas and the husband of Sarasvati-the Goddess of Vidya / Learning, Knowledge and Vedangas viz. Siksha, Kalpa, Jyotisha, Vyakaran, Nirukta and Chhandas; he is also the Epitome of Satvika Guna. Brahma extolled Shri Krishna as follows:
Krishnam vandey Gunaateetam Govindamekamaksharam,
Avyakta- mavyayam Vyaktam Gopavesha vidhaayinam/
Kishora vayasvam Shanta Gopikantam Manoharam,
Naveena neerada shyaamam koti kandarpa sundaram/
Vrindaavana –vanaarbhyarney Raasamandala samsthitam,
Raasehwaram Raasavaasam Raasollasa Samutsukam/
(My greetings to Govinda Krishna! You are far beyond the three Gunas of Satva-Rajo-Tamasas and the unique and indestructible Parameswara; You have no prejudices nor prides; the ‘Vyakyaavyakta’or the Perceivable yet Inconceivable, with the attire of a Gopa boy, eternally as a teen-ager, ever peaceful and charming, with a body of cloudy colour, busy with Raasa mandali affairs at Vrindavan, performing Rasa leelas (dance dramas) with abundant enthusiasm as a ‘Raaseswara’. Sincere reading of the Stotra helps provide excellent progeny, health and fame.
Dharma Purusha was materialised from Bhagavan Krishna from his ‘Vakshasthala’ (Chest) with white robes, of white body-colour and as an Embodiment of Purity, Virtue, Justice and Peace. Being fully devoid of the ‘Shad Vargas’of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsara (Desire, Anger, Greed, Infatuation, Arrogance and Jealousy), Dharma is also of Dharma Swarupa, Dharmishtha (Dharma Practitioner) and Dharm Pradata (The bestower of Dharma). The major purpose of materialisation of Dharma was to teach, practise, train, enforce, promote punish and reward all those who falter or follow Dharma. All those who recite the twenty four names of Shri Krishna as addressed by Dharma would have all the sins and difficulties disappeared just as serpents vanish at the sight of Garuda, the Carrier of Vishnu; these Sacred Names are: Krishna, Vishnu, Vaasudeva, Paramatma, Ishwar, Govinda, Paramaananda, Eka, Akshara, Achyuta, Gopeswara, Gopishwara, Gopa, Gorakshaka, Vibhu, Gopa Swami, Goshtha Nivaasi, Govatsa pucchadhari, Gopa Gopi Madhya Viraajamana, Pradhana, Purushottama, Navaghana Shyaama, Raasavaasa, and Manohara.
Devi Sarswati appeared from Bhagavan Krishna’s mouth along with a veena and a book, and she was radiant like crores of Moons; her eyes were as graceful as a lotus of Sharat season and were wearing as pure a Vastra as Agni with a charming smile. She was the mother of Shrutis, Shastras, and Vidwaans. Shri Krishna created later Maha Lakshmi from his mind as an ever youthful Devi who was the ‘Adhishthatri’ of Ishwarya (Opulence) and the bestower of Prosperity to one and all; she is called Adi Lakshmi, Rajya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Dhana /Dhanya Lakshmi, Santaana Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi.She praised Krishna saying that he was the Satya Swarupa or the Embodiment of Truth, Satya Bija or the Seed of Truth from which the plant sprouts, ‘Satyaadhaara’or the Hold of Truth, and ‘Satyamula’ or origin of Truth. From his ‘Buddhi’ (intellect), Bhagavan created Mula Prakriti Devi Eshwari with the complexion of molten gold compable to innumerable Suryas wearing a blood-red Saree with hundred hands holding Trishul, Shakti, Sharanga Dhanush, Khadga, Bana, Shankha, Chakra, Gada, Padma, Akshamala, Kamandalu, Vajra, Ankusha, Paasha, Bhushundi, Danda, Tomar, Narayanaashtra, Brahmaastra, Roudraastra, Paashupataashtra, Parjanyaashtra, Vaarunaashtra, Agneyaastra and Gaandharvaastra. She is the ‘Adhishtana’ Devata of several Shaktis including Nidra (Sleep), Trishna (Undue desire), Kshudha (Hunger), Pipasa (Thirst), Daya (Mercy), Shraddha (Fortitude) and Kshama (Endurance). She exalted Shri Krishna saying that she was looked up as Praakriti, Maheswari and Sarva Shakti Swarupi but without his backing, she would indeed be ineffective and that he was the Pati (Master), Gati (Destiny), Paalak (Administrator), Srashta (Creator), Samharak (Destroyer) and Punah Srishti Kaarak ( Re-Creator); if he so decides he could create crores of Vishnus by his mere brow-beats; the Tri Murtis would not be able to adequately praise him, much less comprehend him and so on. Devi Savitri was the next Creation from the tip of Shri Krishna’s ‘jihva’ (tongue) with crystal-like spotless white coloured attire and a ‘Japamala’ (rosary of beads). As the mother of Vedas, she was the target of daily japa by humanity, especially the Brahmanas with the Pranava Mantra viz. the Gayatri Mantra, providing them the power of radiance and intellect. From his mind, Shri Krishna created Kamadeva and Kamini, popularly called Manmadha and Rati Devi. Kamadeva had ‘Pancha Baanaas’ (Five Arrows) viz. Maaran, Stambhan, Jrumbhan, Soshan and Unmaadan, which were used by this Deity of Love. From Shri Krishna’s eye-twinkle emerged Agni and Swaha; in continuity he materialised Jala and Varuna / Vaaruni; from his breathing emerged Vaayu (Pavana) and Vayavi.
As a drop of Shri Krishna’s virility fell in water, there was a huge egg that came into being and a Maha Virat Purusha called ‘Maha Vishnu’ got materialised as the sixteenth ‘Amsa’ of Shri Krishna. As Maha Vishnu was floating on water, there were two Daityas-Madhu and Kaitabha-created from the dirt of his ears and as they tried to attack Brahma, the latter approached Maha Vishnu who expanded his thighs since they sought a boon from Maha Vishnu that they could be killed at any dry place.After killing the demons, the ‘medhas’ or the marrow (fat) filled in the entire water and hence the name of ‘Medini’ to Prithvi or Vasundhara.
After the Srishti as above, Shri Krishna was delighted to spend time at the Raasamandali in the Goloka in the company of Gopas and Gopis and from his left side created a matchless ‘Kanya’ named Devi Radha. She had a unique and highly attractive countenance with outstanding nose, perfect set of white teeth, mirror-like cheeks; face decorated with chandan, Agaru, Kasturi, Kumkum and Sinduri; an excellent hair style full of jasmine flowers; feet defying the tenderness of lotuses; gait of a swan and tastefully embellished with valuable and fabulously designed golden jewellery and precious stones around her waist, hands, neck and ankles.
Thereafter, Shri Krishna created youthful cows, bulls, buffalos and swans from his hair-roots, one of the bulls having been gifted to Parama Shiva and an exquisite ‘Raja hamsa’ to Brahma Deva; white and coloured horses from his left ear of which one unique horse having been presented to Dharma Deva; and from his right ear were generated fierceful lions among whom the best one was given away to Devi Durga with repect. Bhagavan Krishna also materialised five exceptional Chariots whose speed was comparable to that of wind, with the circumference of a hundred yojanas each drawn by thousands of strong horses and was highly decorated; one of such ‘Rathas’ was gifted to Dharma Deva, one was reserved for his personal use and one for Devi Radha and the rest as reserve. In due course, Bhagavan Krishna generated ‘Dhanaadhyaksha’ Kubera -and his wife Manorama- as the King of Guhyas / Yakshas; Bhutas, Pretas, Piscachas, Kushmandas, Brahma Rakshasas, Betals and such other cruel and horrifying species presented to Shiva Deva; along with four-armed and two armed soldiers. Then were produced Krishna Parayana Vaishnavas; Bhairavas like Ruru Bhairava, Samhara Bhairava, Kala Bhauirava, Asita Bhairava, Krogha Bhairava, Bhishana Bhairava, Maha Bhairava and Khatvaanga Bhairava; Bhayankar Three-Eyed ‘Digambara Ganas’ all to assist Shiva with Trishulas and Parighas; Ishana and countless prototypes being one of the Dikapalakas; and from his nose Chhidra Daakinis, Yoginis and Kshetrapaalas. Further on Krishna fashioned three crores of Divya Devatas from his rear portion. Pursuant to the above Creations, Krishna Deva handed over Lakshmi as the better-half of Narayana; Savitri to Brahma; Murti to Dharma Deva; Rati Devi to Kama Deva, Manorama to Kubera and so on. He had specially invited Maha Deva and Simhavahini and sought him to accept her. Parama Shiva requested Shri Krishna as follows: I may not be greatly interested in a life-partner.But, my ambition is to worship you always from all of my five faces by ‘Smarana’ (Memories about you), ‘Kirtana’ (singing your hymns), ‘Shravana’ (hearing about you), ‘Japa’ (repeating your Sacred Names incessantly), and Dhyana (concentrate about you), ‘Charana Seva’ (Service to your feet), my ‘Vandana’ (salutations), ‘Atma saparpana’ (my total dedication to you) and eating my ‘naivedya’(offerings); Krishna! Please grant me the above requests only. Also bestow to me the following six boons: ‘Saarshti’ (as much of affluence of you have), ‘Saalokya’ (as much of ‘loka prapti’/ worldly possessions as you have), ‘Saameepya’ (the fortune of being near to you), ‘Saamya’ (attainment of equality with you) and ‘Saayujya’ (absorption into you). Do grant me the Eighteen Siddhis viz. Anima (reducing the size upto an atom), Mahima (increasing the size upto infinity); Laghima ( reducing the weight to almost nothing), Garima (increasing the weight upto infinity), Praapti ( attaining unrestricted access to any place), Praakaamya (achieving any thing desired), Ishitwa ( possessing supremacy over anything / anybody), Vashitwa ( controlling any thing / anybody) Sarva kaama -vasaasita (fulfilling all desires), Sarvajnata (ability to know anything), Doora shravana ( capacity of hearing from distances), Parakaya pravesha (ability to enter any body), Vaakshuddhi (ability to realise whatever is stated), Kalpavrikshatva (fulfillment of bestowing any desire), Srishti Shakti (Capacity to create), Samhaara Shakti (capability to destroy), Amaratwa ( death -lessness), and Sarvaagranyata (Achievement of the highest possible status). Shiva further requested Shri Krishna to grant him Yoga, Tapas, all kinds of Daana, Vratas, Yashas / celebrity, Kirti (reputation), Upavasas (fastings), Vaani (distinct voice / speech), Satya (Truth -fulness), Tirtha Bhramana (The fruits of visiting all Tirthas), Snaana (the fruit of bathing in all Oceans, Rivers, Sarovars and all waterbodies; worship to all Deities, darshan of all Deva Pratimas; attaining of Brahmapada, Rudrapada and Vishnupada (or the Status of all the Tri Murtis) and all other definable or undefinable statuses. When the long wish-list was requested for, Shri Krishna smiled and said: Twatparey naasti mey preyaamstwa madeeyaathanah parah, ye twaam nindanti paapishthaa jnaana heenaa vicheytanaah, Pachyantey kaala sutreyna yaavachhaandra diwaakaroy/ (Shiva! There is nothing more beloved to me than anybody else; you are in fact far superior to my own soul; if any sinner, or ignoramus or imprudent person happens to criticise he/she would get roasted in ‘Kalasutra naraka’ till Chandra and Surya happen to be in power). Krishna further said that Shiva would undoudtedly be an entirely independent and equal force to be reckoned with just as his. As regards the offer of a wife that he made, Krishna renewed his request to accept Devi Durga Simhavaahini and Parama Shiva accepted her. Shri Krishna then revealed the excellent value of ‘Shiva Linga Sthapana’or establishing a Shiva Linga; he said: Maha Deva Maha Deva Maha Deveti vaadinah, Paschaadyaami Mahaastrasto naama shravana lobhatah, Shiveti mantramucchharya praanamstyajati yo narah/ Koti janmaarjitaat Paapaanmukto muktim prayaati sah, Shivam kalyaana vachanam kalyaanam kalyaanam Muktivaachikam/ Yaatsattha Prabhavettena sa Shivah parikeertitah/ (If some body recites Maha Deva, Maha Deva and Maha Deva, I am tempted to be behind him and follow him; if somebody takes Shiva’s name at the time of his death, that person would be freed from the sins committed by his/her previous crores of lives and most certainly secure ‘Moksha’. The word ‘Shiva’ stands for ‘Kalyana’ or Propitiousness and the word Kalyana denotes ‘Mukti’. Also the letter ‘Shi’ stood for ‘Paapa naashana’ and ‘Va’for Moksha. Eventually, Krishna taught Kalpavriksha Mantra and Mrityunjaya Tatwa Gyana to Shiva and the ‘Ekaadashara’ Mantra viz. Kaama bija Kleem-Shri bija Shreem-Maya bija Hreem- and Kaama bija again Kleem to Devi Durga. Krishna also taught Shrishti Shakti, Manovaanccha Shakti, and Agni-Vayu-Kubera Shaktis to Brahma.


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