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Bhavishya Purana


31    Kali Yuga’s second, third and fourth quarters and Avatara of Kalki
Suta Maha Muni told Shaunaka and other Munis that as Mlecchhas gained victory over the Dharmic Shaktis gradually Kali Yuga Devi was satisfied. Daityas who were stage managing the victory of Mlecchhas then constructed several ‘Jalayanas’ or Sea borne vessels to Harikhanda (China) where men were very strong as Devas intially but in course of a few years the ‘Maya Yuddha’ or the cunning and deceitful battles in which Daityas were well known the Harikhanda residents appealed to Mahendra for protection. Indra asked Vishvakarma to reinvent a ‘Yantra’ (Machine) by which persons of one part of the World would not be able to travel to another part. On receiving the hint Vishwakarma created a ‘Bhrami-Yantra’ by using which persons of one ‘Khanda’ or chunk of a Large Region could not freely travel to another ‘Khanda’ and also a kind of ‘Vatsya’ or a less potent Maha Vayu. This Vatsya would destroy Daityas, Yakshas and Piscachas and would protect the honest and Dharmic Brahmanas. This Vatsya gave shelter to all the Brahmans and other upright persons for a number of Years. This situation that enabled good persons was most unpalatable to Kali Yuga Devi and approached Daitya Raja Bali. Then Bali and Kalki Devi approached Narayana in the form of ‘Vamana’who in turn enabled a Brahmana called Kama Sharma and his wife Devahuti on the banks of Yamuna River; he blessed that this couple would give birth to Bhoga Simha and Keli Simha. These two sons would stay in a Kreedavati Nagar and would carry out the wishes of Kali Yuga Devi, especially in the task of wide-spread ‘Varna-sankara’ or destroying the Rules of ‘Varnashrama. Over two thousand years, the established Regulations made by Lord Brahma and the successive Manus would get thinner and thinner and by the Second Paada of Kali Yuga, Kali Devata would be happy to witness that the old Vedic values would be obliterated, that the Daityamaya human beings (fully soaked in Daitya activities) would be of two-and-half feet height, that their life span would be forty years maximum (as against hundred years now) and that they would be free like birds without any ‘Karmic regulations! At the end of the Kali’s second half there would neither by the institutions of marriages, nor Kingships, nor any social reformer and not even a Karma Karta! The World would be full of the progeny of Bhogi Simha and Keli Simha ane this kind of a situation devoid of customs and social norms woud prevail for one and quarter lakh years!! In the Third Quarter of Kali Yuga, the average age of human beings would be twenty six years maximum; Bhringha Muni along with his wife Saurabhi would create Kaulakalpa-named beings who would not hesitate to eat human beings/ kinnaras. These new species of Kaulakalpas would resort to beastly affairs with mothers, sisters and daughters! They would be too lustful and produce too many children and resort to affairs with co-males and animals! In the fourth phase of Kali Yuga the maximum age of humans would not exceed tewnty years and live like water-beasts and animals; hells like Tamistra and worse kinds of frightening Places of Retribution would be over-populated. As Yama Dharma Raja found that the influx of dead Beings was assuming alarming proportions, he and Chitra Gupta approached Indra Deva and later on to Brahma Deva and the latter declared that soon enough there would be an ‘Avatar’ (Incarnation) of Vishnu Deva as Kalki Deva; he would be fully armed with ‘Kahdga’ (Long sword) whose reach would be unimaginably long and widespread as also with a ‘Kavacha’ (Body-Cover) and ‘Dhaal’or Protective Shield, mounted on a huge horse, travelling on ‘Yoga Marga’ for sixteen thousand years and would turn the entire ‘Srishti’ to ash-laden devastation! At that time, there would be a cloud burst producing the Great Annihilation of the Universe under alarming and incessant rain called ‘Pralaya’! That would be the fresh ‘Srishti’heralding the new cycle of Yugas ab initio!!

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