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Bhavishya Purana


14    Surya Deva cures Sambu’s Leprosy
When Sambu the son of Shri Krishna had ‘Kushthu Vyadhi’ (Leprosy), he made sincere and elaborate prayers to Surya Deva saying that Surya Paramatma popularly called Aditya providing illumination all over the Universe was the embodiment of various Deities such as Achintya rupa Vishnu, Pitamaha Brahma, Rudra, Mahendra, Varuna, Akaash, Prithvi, Jala, Vayu, Chandra, Megha, Kubera, Vibhaavasu and Yama; that he was actually of the ‘Mahadevamaya Anda’ (Egg) whose brightness had spread all over the Universe; that he protects the Beings including Humanity and various other Species in the Creation ; that he saves from human sufferings including Kushthu and other intractable diseases as also ‘Angaviheenata’ (Lack of Limbs); that he was the ‘Pratyaksha’ (Readily Visionable) Devata who could liberate from any physical ailments and that he should please cure his longstanding malady. Surya Deva was pleased with the prayers of great intensity by Sambu and appeared before him and by the mere touch of one of his rays got completely cured and provided a second birth to him. Surya Deva further desired Sambu to spread the message far and wide that prayers of mere Twenty names of his by any one in the humanity, or the entire Srishti comprising Devas, Rakshasas, Yakshas, Gandharvas or any sinner of any kind or classification with dedication would be readily be answered, as there was no need to rectite Sacred Veda Mantras and not even thousand names of Surya Deva; The most Sacred names of Surya Deva so suggested to Sambu are as follows: Vikartan (Who slashes any kind of dangers or difficulties); Viviswan(Prakasha Rupa), Maartand (who stayed for long in a Egg); Bhaskar, Ravi, Lokaprakashak, Shriman, Loka Chakshu, Graheswara, Loka saakshi, Trilokesh, Karta, Harta, Tamistra (Destroyer of Darkness); Tapan, Taapana, Shuchi or Purity, Saptaasyavaahana, Gabhasihast (Rays as his extended hands); Brahma and finally ‘Sarva Deva Namaskruta’. Recital of these minimal Names of Surya Deva with utmost purity, dedication and sincerity would bestow excellent health and disease-lessness, fame and life’s contentment and purposefulness.

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