Sri Chandramoulisvaraya Namah:


Publication No. 26


The Englishmen, who ruled our country, have left us and gone. If a nation becomes independent, it does not mean independence in food and such matters alone. It is not enough if the body grows; the organisation of dharma should also develop independently of foreign influence. Without having independence in organisation of dharma, if adharma is propagated through the mechanism of power and if the system of justice based on dharma is weakened, the inner instrument (mind) of people will not develop in a good manner. The inner instrument will become diseased. Even if the body grows independently in matters of food and the like, if the inner instrument decays, the bodies will also decay automatically. But the independent government of our country is generally in the hands of those with no faith in the dharma of Sastras. Thousands of obstacles occur every day for even that independence which they wield. Many other nations keep raising and feeding such obstacles. Though our government is in the hands of atheists with no faith in Sastras, it is generally only we, astikas, who are destroyed and who suffer beyond words because of these obstacles.

It is our serious fault that we allowed our superficial independence to go into the hands of atheists; also our misfortune clubbed with fault.

Whatever be the misfortune, there is no use wailing over it. It is the characteristic of the brave to remove any misfortune. Bravery will in fact not develop unless there are obstacles. It is Surya, who causes intense heat, that also provides the comfort of shade. Vighneswara, who creates obstacles, is also the remover of obstacles. Vishnu, who is ‘Bhayakrit’ (creator of fear), is also ‘Bhayanasana’ (destroyer of fear).

Bhagavan has given us intellect to conquer the obstacles. Intellect is his gift to us. It is egotism to think that intellect and capability belong to us. To think that using intellectual capability with egotism, we can surmount obstacles is like a horse with no blinkers galloping very speedily and finally turning the cart upside down.

We should attempt to surmount all impediments with the intellect granted to us by Iswara. When we make such a beginning, we should worship the giver of that intellect and attain his grace. There is no match for intellect which possesses grace.

When many people worship Iswara at the same time with a single thought, his grace floods all at the same time. The group receiving the flood becomes a holy crowd. Groups like Sri Gnanasambandha’s won over atheism in our country. In this ‘Avani’ (As per solar calendar) month, the Chaturthi day after Amavasya is the Sukla Paksha Chaturthi in the month of Bhadrapada (as per lunar calendar). That is the once-a-year day on which we should specially worship Vighneswara; let us all worship him with single minded devotion. Let us chant or listen to the following verse in the evening that day.
“सिंहः प्रसेनं अवधीत् सिंहो जाम्बवता हतः ।
सुकुमारक मा रोदीः तव ह्येष: स्यमन्तकः ॥“

“Simha: Prasenam avadhit simho Jambavata hata: |
Sukumaraka ma rodi: tava hyesha: syamantaka: ||”
It is said in Vrata Chudamani Kalpam that this is the verse to be chanted that day. This verse occurs in the story where Bhagavan Krishna got hold of the Syamantaka gem after surmounting many obstacles.

Where convenient, let us listen to the full details of this story from those who are learned. The Puja Kalpam also states that for fruitful completion of Vinayaka Puja, we should listen to this story and retain it in our minds.

The Englishmen say that we should be free from blind faith. The atheists of our country, who are the adopted sons of the Englishmen in the matter of conduct, go a step forward and reinforce that idea. But the very same Englishmen propagated the necessity of writing ‘V’ in all streets in our places including interior areas, when the war went out of hand; they also ensured that it was written. This ‘V’ is the first letter of the word ‘Victory’. The ‘blind faith’ that by writing this single letter, they would secure victory was indeed favourable to getting the actual victory of the very Englishmen who propagated against ‘blind faith’.

We need not write on the wall. Let us write the mantra of Vinayaka, which destroys obstacles, in our minds. With the intellect granted by him, let us burn away all obstacles.

The trunk of Vinayaka carried Avvaiyar, the mother of our Tamil arts, much faster than the army of elephants and horses. Tamil scholars will tell you the details of this story. Let us pray to that trunk. Let us worship Vinayaka on that day. A part of this story is contained in the last line of the Tiruppugazh song, “Nada Bindu Kaladi Namo Namo”.

Let us perform the ensuing Vinayaka Puja with deep conviction. Using intellect and power with his grace, let us work hard to spread Godly awareness. Let us find out the import of Sastras through deep introspection. Let us be clear in that respect and spread that clarity with love among all people. Let us utilise all instruments of propagation for this idea. When people are confused as to what should be done and what should not be done, let us broadcast Bhagavad Gita, which declares, “तस्मात् शास्त्रं प्रमाणं ते कार्याकार्य व्यवस्थितौ”, “Therefore, Sastra is the authority in the determination of what should be done and what should not be done”.

A few days ago a member brought up a resolution in the Central Parliament in Delhi. The essence of that resolution is that castes and varnas should be done away with. Sardar Patel, the minister replied to that resolution. The essence of his reply was that we will remove them, but do not be in a hurry. Alas! He failed to realise that India has reached such low levels only from the day the system of castes and varnas tended to get destroyed. Had he known it, he should have said, ‘Do not hurry, let us remove the evil aspects which have crept in the castes and varnas’.

Bhagavan said, “चातुर्वर्ण्यं मया सृष्टम्”, “The system of four varnas was created by me”. He did not say, ‘This is to be innovated by you’. Let us also broadcast this declaration found in the Gita.

If the system of castes is established properly like in olden days, there will not be a fraudulent trader, a pimp, giver and taker of bribe. Brahmana will not value money much. There will be no need to propagate simplicity. Everyone will practise his traditional family calling. Nobody will compete in another’s profession and create trouble for them. There will be no need for propaganda of socialism. Nobody will deviate from his prescribed conduct. Once we look properly at our family modes of conduct, the differing practices of other religionists like Christians will generate aversion in us and hence the propaganda of Christians and such others will not work.

When the Panchayat of each caste regulates its people along right lines, it will be easily possible to unify astika people of all castes through a common assembly of all caste Panchayats in front of temples; with this it will not be feasible for other religionists to indulge in improper activities and harm us. The propaganda of Hindu Mahasabha will also become unnecessary. Let us destroy the hatred spread through proverbs like ‘eighteen castes from brahmana to dalit’.

Emperor Sivaji got freedom for India, which had remained under foreign rule for five hundred years, by following the system of Varnas and Asramas. He had got the grace of Vinayaka. Let us also perform Vinayaka Chaturthi Puja. He is the lord of the good Ganas. May the Gana of people live properly with his grace.


Translated by: P R Kannan, Navi Mumbai


Translated from Tamil by: P R Kannan, Navi Mumbai

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