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13    ‘Aachaara Varnana’ (Description of Traditions)

Mahatma Pushkar addressed Parashurama that every human being should get up early morning at ‘Brahma muhurtha’ and pray to Vishnu/Shiva/Shakti and after morning abutions perform the six types of ‘Snaanaas’viz. ‘Nitya’, ‘Naimittika’, ‘Kaamya’, ‘Kriyaanga’, ‘Malakarshana’ and ‘Kriya’. Water from ground-wells is pure enough, water-stream is better, Sarovar water is much better, River water is further better, water from Tirthas is far better and Ganga water is the best of all. The person concerned would bathe in the water for a while cleaning the body and commence reciting the three Ruchas viz.

Hiranya varnaa shuchah paavakaayaa sujatah Kashyapoyaasvidrah etc,

Sham no Devirabheeeshtayey etc and Aapohishtha mayo bhuvah etc.

Then the Mantra: Ida maapam etc. to be followed by Drupadaadivamunchatu etc. ‘Purusha Suktam’ saying Sahasra Sirshah Purushah etc. may be recited and Gayatri Mantra be repeated as many times as possible. After the bath and wearing clean ‘Vastra yugma’ (two clothings), perform Sandhya Vandana, Pitru Tarpana, Agnihotra homa and complete surrender to Maha Deva. Pushkar reiterated certain obvious dos and don’ts to Parashurama for the awareness of posterity: Never look straight to Surya Deva at the Sunrise and Sunset timings. Never see one’s own reflection in water. Never look intently at a naked woman, or into a well or at a place of murder or the face of a murderer. Never enter the interior room of others nor their treasure room. Never be a messenger to anybody. Never enter a shaky boat, tree or elevation. Keep sustained interest in one’s own household, money matters and Shastras. Do not create sounds from one’s own body parts except by way of hand-claps. Never travel or move about without light. Never enter a house excepting through specified doors. Never tamper with natural colour of one’s own face. Never ever hurt anybody’s feelings; in fact make it a point to say : ‘ be happy, be happy! but never ever utter undesirable sayings to others. Never exchange clothes of others. Never pass through two respected persons. Never look up Sun, Moon and Stars with disrespect or mischief. Never praise a river being in another river. After entering a River, never leave without prayers to ‘Ishta devatas’ and if possible perform pitru tarpana. Never pollute any water body, nor take bath fully naked. Never reside at a Place where there is to Vaidya, King or his representative, and a River or Waterbody. Never converse with a woman in menses or with a fallen woman for long. Never cough or yawn or sneeze without covering face with a piece of cloth. Keep the information under wraps about the insult to self or own’s own well wishers. Never criticise Scriptures, Vedas, Kings, Rishis, and Devas. On the days coinciding with one’s own Birth Stars, pray to Chandra the Swami of the Nakshatras and perform noble deeds including Daanas to Brahmanas and Annadanaas to the needy and the Poor. Avoid oil-baths on Shashthi, Ashtami and Chaturdashi. Never express excessive disliking or liking to woman. Be always keep one’s emotions and passions under control and never forget or ignore the Almighty.

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