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The Light that shines in Kanchi

Sastra Ratnakara S.R. Krishnamurthi Sastrigal

Kanchi Paramacharya is the very embodiment of all the traits of a liberated soul. The very sight of His Holiness has an ennobling power. He showers His grace and compassion in all, they be high or low. It does not wait for any special reason or pretext. It is spontaneous like the season of spring which brings in its wake joy and solace to all. That His Grace is irresistible and winning is evidenced by my own experience which I relate below.

A few years ago, I was restless and disturbed. I was developing distaste towards everything around with the result that I was unable to study the philosophical works. What was more alarming, I started losing retentive memory. I could not recall all that I had learnt over the decades. Medical and other kinds of treatment proved ineffective. Everyone in the family grew sad and were much worried.

At this critical juncture I learnt that Sri Paramacharya had returned to Kanchi from Maharashtra, on the request by His Holiness Sri Jayendra Sarasvathi Swamigal to perform the Chaturmasya observance in Kanchi. Immediately I hurried to Kanchi with my family and prostrated before His Holiness in total surrender to him.

I placed before His Holiness all my agonies and anguishes. I particularly mentioned my tragedy of the loss of memory and the absolute happiness I had in the matter of teaching our sacred lore. For, I had been commissioned by His Holiness earlier to take classes in logic for His Holiness Sri Jayendra Sarasvathi Swamigal.

The Paramacharya then asked me to go over and stay in the Kanchi Sankara Math permanently. He ordered one of his attendants to fetch a Rudrashamala. When it was brought, he was touching the rosary with his palms, all the time enquiring about the welfare of my family. Then he commanded. "Wear this rosary". I received it and wore it at once.

That was all. In the following days my ailments and afflictions began unbelievably to disappear and, gradually, the memory of all that I had studied begun to return. Thus in a matter of days, I got back my powers of teaching.

The "Sri Rudram" tells us that the holy hands that worship Lord Rudra are lordlier than Lord Rudra Himself, (Bhagavattarah). This is proved in the instance of Sri Paramacharya.


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