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Hindu Dharma: General

The chapters that exist in "General" are listed in this page. To go to another part in "Hindu Dharma", please either go back or see the bottom of this page.

About the book 'Hindu Dharma' on this Web Site The publishing of the book Hindu Dharma was made possible with the help of many persons. The students of B.I.T.S. Pilani assisted in the data entry of this book, into a usable electronic form. The designer of the web site then converted and processed the data to suit the structure of the web site, to have the structure mirrored in a database and so on, so as to maximise updates and regular maintenance. See about this site for more information on how this web site is designed/structured. ...
Preface to the Book Preface When India was straining at the leash during the unique 'Weaponless War' conceived, planned and led by Mahatma Gandhi to win freedom, some of the finest flowers of Indian manhood and womanhood were forced to languish in prison for long years. During his ninth incarceration, this time in the Ahmednagar Fort Prison (August 9, 1942 to July 15, 1945), ...
A note to the readers For the Reader's Attention Sanskrit words are not italicized; but titles of Sanskrit works are, except those of well-known classics like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita (or the Gita for short). No uniform style is adopted in the use of Sanskrit words; they occur either in their stem form or in the nominative singular. ...
Translator's note Translator's Note More than 20 years ago, I said in an article in The Illustrated Weekly of India that 'Hindus know less about their religion than Christians and Muslims know about theirs'. Wanting to verify the ...
Foreword Foreword 'Man is no different from animals,' says Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada in his Sutrabhasya. 'Pasvadibhiscavisesat'. Texts tell us: 'Human beings and animals have the same urges. They eat and sleep and copulate and besides, the feelings of fear are common to both. What, then, is the difference between the two? It ...
Introduction Introduction The word 'Introduction', used with reference to a publication, signifies 'the preliminary matter' prefixed to it. Does the present work, comprising as it does the discourses on Hindu Dharma, or more properly Veda Dharma, delivered by the greatest spiritual luminary of the century (that is the Sage of Kanchi) and translated ...