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[Stutis / Kavachaas, Ashtottaraas and Sahasranaamaas from the Series of Essence of Puranas]

Shiva Stuti

Namah Shivaayaastu Niraamayaaya Namah Shivavaayastu Manomayaya/ Namah Shivaayaastu Suraarchitaaya, Tubhyam Sadaa Bhakta Kripaaparaaya/ Namo Bhavaayaastu Bhavodbhavaaya, Namostu tey Dhwasta mano bhavaaya/ Namostutey goodha mahaa vrataaya, Namostu Maaya Gahanaashrayaya/ Namostu Sharvaaya Namah Shivaaya, Namostu Siddhaaya Puraatanaaya/ Namostu Kaalaaya Namah Kalaaya, Namostutey Jnaana vara prasaadaaya/ Namostutey Kaalakalatigaaya, Namo Nisargaamala bhushanaaya/ Namostvameyaandhaka mardakaaya, Namah Sharanyaaya Namo gunaaya/ Namostutey Bheemaganaanugaaya, Namostu Nanaa bhuvanenakartrey/ Sarvaavasaaneyhyavi naasha netrey, Namostu Naanaa Jagatey Vidhhaatrey, Namostu tey Chitra phala Prayoktrey/ Namostu Bhaktaabhimata pradaatrey, Namah sadaa teybhava sanga hatrey/ Ananta rupaaya sadaiva tubhyamasya kopaaya namostu tubhyam/ Shashaanka chihnaaya sadaiva tubhya mameya maanaaya namah stutaaya/ Vrishendrayaanaaya Puraantakaaya, Namah prasiddhaaya Mahoushadhaaya/ Namostu Bhaktyaabhimata pradaaya, Namostu Sarvaarti haraaya tubhyam/ Charaachara vichaaravarya maachaaryamutprekshita bhutasargam/ Twaamindu moulim sharanam prapanna Priyaaprameyam mahataam Mahesham/ Prayacchamey kaamayashah samruddhim, Punah Prabho jeevatu Kamadevah/Priyam binaa twaam Priya jeeviteshu, Twattoparah ko bhuvaneshwahaasti/ Prabhuh Priyaayaah prasavah priyaanaam, Praneetaparyaaya paraparaarthah/ Twameyvameko Bhuvanasyanaatho Dayaalurnmeelita bhakabheetih/

(Parama Shiva! My salutations to you; you are the Spotless; the mental reflection of all the Beings; worshipped by all the Devas always; the epitome of kindness to the devotees; the Supreme Creator of the World; you burnt up Kamadeva, my husband and my deferential apologies  to you for the diturbance caused when you were in a confidential Vrata. Kindly accept my devotion since you do protect those and who take refuge as they become victims of the forests of ‘Maya’; You are the Punisher as well as the Provider of Propitiousness; the Kala Swarupa /Appraiser of Time as also of Achievements since you are the Supreme Gyani / with the knowledge of those who transgress limits of time; You are the Form of Nature and the Wearer of Sacred and Untainted Ornaments; You possess spontaneous Might and destroy Evil Forces like Andhakaraasura; the Nirguna devoid of features and the point of ultimate refuge; You are the Creator of several Worlds and the Scripter of many Universes; the bestower of multiple benefits, the patented destroyer at the time of Pralayas as also the saviour of a few Beings at such extreme situations; the Enjoyer of the due ‘Yagnaphala’ which is liberally distributed to devotees; the demolisher of worldly desires; you possess myriad forms but your anger is unbridled; you are the coolness of Moon, the Symbol of self-esteem , the eulogy to all, the carrier of Nandi, the obliterator of Tripuras, the Source of ‘Aushadhis’/ medicines, the donor of desires, the remover of all difficulties, the Ultimate Regulator of ‘Achaaras’/ ‘Vichaaras’-traditions and customs; The ‘Acharya’or the Unique Guide to the Moving and Immobile Object; The Over Seer of the entire Srishti; the Provider of Coolness and radiance to the Moon of his head; the Unparalelled Personification of Pure Love, Maheshwara! do kindly bestow everlasting fame and name to my husband  Kama Deva with which he would get back to life; You are the one and only Saviour who could bring blossoms to his ashes; who else in the Universe could be competent to get my husband back to Life!) .[Essence of Matsya Purana]


Stutis / Kavachas


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Shiva Kavacha and Shiva Mantraraja
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Marjana /Apamarjana Stotras for Raksha

Paapa Naashaka Stotra

Pundarikaaksha Gadaadhara Mantras

Durga Stuti

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Shiva Stuti
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Shiva Stuti and Shiva Kavacha
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  Surya Ashtottaram
  Kartikeya Ashtottaram
  Shata Rudreeyam
  Shri Rama Shata Naamaavali

Sahasra Naamaas


  Siva Sahasra Naamas
  Siva Sahasranama (Thousand Names of Siva)
  Yugala Sahasranama of Radha-Krishna
  Vishnu Sahasranama
  Shri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Stotra
  Gayathri Sahasranama



This series of Stutis /Kavachas, Ashtottaras and Sahasranamas from the series of Essence of Puranas have been Compiled and edited by Sri. V.D.N.Rao,devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and Retired Official of the Government of India. The author can be contacted at

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