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[Stutis / Kavachaas, Ashtottaraas and Sahasranaamaas from the Series of Essence of Puranas]

Chamundi Stuti

Jayaswa Devi Chamundey Jaya Bhuthapaharini, Jaya Sarvagathey Devi Kaalarathri Namosthuthey /
Vishwamurthi Shubhey Shuddhey Virupakshi Trilochaney, Bheema Rupey Shivey Vidyey Mahamaye Mahodaye /
Manojavey Jaye Jrumbhey Bheemakshi Kshubithakshaye, Mahamaari Vichitraangey Geyanrithyapriye Shubhey /
Vikaraley Mahakaali Kaalikey Paapahaarini, Paashahasthey Dandahasthey Bheemarupey Bhayanakey /
Chamundey Jwalamaanaasye Teekshnadamshtrey Mahabaley, Shiva yaanasthithey Devi Prethaasanagathey Shivey /
Bheemakshi Bheeshaney Devi Sarvabhuta bhayankari, Karaaley Vikaraaley cha Mahaakaaley Karaalini /
Kaali Karaali Vikrantha Kaalaraathri Namosthuthey , Vikaraala Mukhi Devi Jwalaamukhi Namosthuthey /
Sarvasatwa hithey Devi Sarva Devi Namosthuthey, Iti Sthuta tadah Devi Rudreyna Parameshtina /
Thuthosha Parama Devi Vakyam chedamuvaavacha ha, Varam Vrushneeva Devesha yatha they Manasi Vakthrathey/
Stothraanena ye Devi twam sthuvanthi Varaananey, Theyshaam twam Varadaa Devi Bhava Sarvagati Sati/
Yashchemam Triprakaaram thu Devi Bhaktya samanvitha, sa Putra Poutra Pashuman Samruddhimupagacchati /
Yashchemam Srunuyad Bhaktya Trishaktyastu Samudbhavam, Sarva paapa vinirmuktaha padam Gacchhatyanamayam /

(Victory be with you, Chamunda Devi, Bhutaapaharini, All Pervading Devi,  Kaalarathri, Vishwa murthi Swarupa, Embodiment of Propitiousness, Essence of Purity, Virupakshi, Three Eyed, Personification of Terror, Arch-type of Auspiciousness, Source of Knowledge, The Great Illusion; You are as fast as mind, Victorious by nature, berserk by behavior, Strange by demeanour, Lover of Music and Dance, Vikaral, Maha Kali, Sin expunger, Kalika, Sporter of ‘Pasha’( rope) and club by hands, Originator of ferocity and panic; You are highly illuminated by face, Maha Balavati, seated on dead bodies, Prethas and images of Pisachas, horror-eyed, Bhayankar, Vikaral Kaala Swarupa, Archtype of gallantry and ferociousness, Blazing Faced One, My Greetings, You are the Universal Benefactor! Rudra commended Chamundi Devi with the above Stuti or eulogy; He said that whoever reads or hears it would be blessed by Him and Devi as well.)

Those who pray to the Tri Shaktis in the Three Profiles with sincerity and mental application would secure boons for excellent well being, offspring and prosperity. Observance of Tri Shakti Vratha on Ashtamis, Navamis and Chaturdasis by fast and worship would help retrieve even lost Kingdoms or secure Kingdoms anew and similarly retrieve or gain great opportunities of life. There would be no threat of fire, theft, serpents or any such untoward occurrences by merely preserving the Tri Shakti Stothras  in any household. Reading the Stothras would certainly help secure the following:  Pasum, Puthram, Dhanam, Dhanyam, Varastriyah, Rathnaashva Gajaa yanaaswashu bhavanthuta yasyedam thishathey gehe thasyedam jaayathey dhruvam ( Cattle, Sons, Money, Beautiful women, Jewellery, horses, elephants, servants and Vaahanams would be possessed in those houses and this is certain).       [ Essence of Varaha Purana]


Stutis / Kavachas


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Marjana /Apamarjana Stotras for Raksha

Paapa Naashaka Stotra

Pundarikaaksha Gadaadhara Mantras

Durga Stuti

Maha Purusha Stuti by Rudra

Vaishnavi Stuti

Chamundi Stuti

Shiva Stuti
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Nrisimha Stuti by Aditi Devi

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Varaha Stuti

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Shiva Stuti and Shiva Kavacha
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Sweta Madhava Stuti



  Surya Ashtottaram
  Kartikeya Ashtottaram
  Shata Rudreeyam
  Shri Rama Shata Naamaavali

Sahasra Naamaas


  Siva Sahasra Naamas
  Siva Sahasranama (Thousand Names of Siva)
  Yugala Sahasranama of Radha-Krishna
  Vishnu Sahasranama
  Shri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Stotra
  Gayathri Sahasranama



This series of Stutis /Kavachas, Ashtottaras and Sahasranamas from the series of Essence of Puranas have been Compiled and edited by Sri. V.D.N.Rao,devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and Retired Official of the Government of India. The author can be contacted at

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