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Veda Parayanam held at Swamimalai
24 Nov. 2011

Veda parayanam was held at Sri Swaminatha Swami Temple, Swamimalai on 24-11-2011. 10  Vedic Scholars, 2 each from Rug, Krishna Yajur, Sukla Yajur, Goutha & Jaimini Sakhas of Sama Vedams rendered Parayanam at the Dakshinamurthy Sannadhi. The next parayanam will take place on 23-12-2011 Friday.  


Krishna Yajur Vedam

Rig Vedam

Sama Vedam - Goudhama Shaka

Sama Vedam - Jyminia Shaka

Shukla Yajur Vedam


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