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Tiruvanaikaval temple- Kumbhabhishekam performed - 12 Dec. 2018
Tiruvanaikaval temple- Kumbhabhishekam performed - 12 Dec. 2018

Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Akhilandeshwari Ambal sameta Sri Jambunathaswamy Temple at Tiruvanaikaval was performed by HH Pujyashri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya Swamigal in the early hours of today (12 Dec. 2018).
Early in the morning, Go-Puja was performed at Sri Chandramouleeswara Swamy Sanandhi at Srimatam (Jagadguru Vidyasthanam). Pujyashri Acharyal started to the temple from Shrimatam in a procession led by the Cow and Calf, followed by the Gouri-kalam- a musical instrument that belongs to the aerophone(wind instrument) category- heralding the commencement of the auspicious event. After circambulating around the temple, Pujyashri Acharyal performed Kumbhabhishekam at Sri Jambunathaswamy Sanandhi followed by Sri Akhilandeshwari Ambal Sannadhi, later performing the Abhishekam to Ambal accompanied by Vedic Chanting.
The Hon'ble Governor of Tamilnadu participated in the Kumbhabhishekam. A large number of devotees participated in the divine event.
Following the completion of the Kumbhabhishekam, Pujyashri Acharyal returned to Shrimatam. With benign blessings and presence of His Holiness, a special postal cover commemorating the Kumbhabhishekam was released by the Hon’ble Governor of Tamilnadu at Shrimatam- Jagadguru Vidyasthanam at Tiruvanaikaval this morning after the Kumbhabhishekam.
After this, Pujyashri Acharyal performed Nitya Chandramouleeswara Puja and blessed the devotees. A large number of devotees came to the Srimatam, and Annadaanam was served to all the visiting devotees.


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