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Tatanka Pratishta at Tiruvanaikaval- Historical Documents and chronicles


".. Some of the Archakas and Pandits who carried the holy water to the sanctum sanctorum were so overpowered by the grandeur and solemnity of the ceremony that they became unconcious for a time, but His Holiness Himself stood the test of these influences remarkably well and when He went back from the Temple to the Mutt, His Jyoti shone brighter than ever, a ray of divine beauty and grace marking out His Holiness with a brightness and splendour which only those who saw Him could appreciate.
( The Hindu dtd. 06th May 1973.. in the column "Hindu Fifty years ago")

The Kanchi Acharyas performed Mahakumbhabhishekam at Jambukeswaram ..
February 1908
06th April 1960
05th April 1970
01st July 1982
12th July 2000

Copper plate grant executed by Vijayaranga Chokkanatha, the Nayak King of Madura recording the respectful gift of tracts of lands.. right to collect produce on the banks of Cauvery and rights for Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam mutt located at Tiruvanaika to receive customary honors including prasadams etc. from Jambukeswaram Temple ( 1710 A.D)


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