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Skanda Shasthi Veda Parayana held

4-9 Nov. 2013 - Kanchipuram

The Annual Skanda Shasthi Veda Parayana was held at Shrimatham from 4 to 9 November 2013.

The following Vedic Scholars participated in the Veda Parayanam

Rig Veda:
1.Shri Niranjan
2. Shri Raghavan

Yajur Veda:
1. G Ramakrishnan
2. G. Rajaram
3. H. Mukundan
4. N. Chandramouli
5. S. Brahatish
6. S. Sriram
7. V. Ramakrishnan
8. K. Praveen Kumar
9. S. Eswar
10. S. Sundar

Parayanam was performed on all days from 8 am - 11:45 am in the morning and from 3 pm - 5 pm, and from 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm in the evening.

The Soora Samharam was performed at the Kumarakkottam - Murugan Temple.

Skanda Shasthi
Veda Parayanam at Shrimatam

Photos taken in Kumarakottam:

Skanda Shasht

Skanda Shasht

Skanda Shasht

Skanda ShashtSkanda Shasht

Skanda ShashtSkanda Shasht

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